Creating a Pure Heart to House the Spirit of the God


Does Your Quiet Time Become:




Now, There Are Tools To Make Your Quiet Time:

Simple and Focused



Get Tools To Organize A Powerful Prayer Life

This 4-Set journaling system will help you steward your prayer life and keep records of your conversations with God.

Still Moments

Grow your capacity for joy and remove any stress and pain you discover hidden in your heart. Use this simple journal to talk with God about what's on your heart.

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Engaged in Battle

Keep track of intercessory prayers and their answers in one organized place with this journaling tool for spiritual warfare.


Encounters to Remember

Use this as a journaling record of moments with God. Reflect on them throughout your life's journey and pass them on to your children.


Kingdom Mandate

When you get creative ideas for expanding the Kingdom of God, record them in this journal.


But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33 ESV

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Still Moments is now available! Additional journals coming May/June 2020.

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An Overview

Watch this video to learn about our journaling set to organize your prayer life and steward the conversations you have with Jesus.


Instructional Video + Tips For Each Journal

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Want Help Healing & Growing Your "Heart"?

We offer individual prayer ministry sessions.

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