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Are you a parent who feels like you're walking on eggshells or feels awkward talking with your child?

Do you have hard things you want to talk to your kids about but you don't want to pay a stranger to talk to your child?

Who do you trust to have that conversation?

Even when your child gets help with one problem, what about all the other issues that come up after that one?

  • Maybe your child is struggling with grades in school and feeling like they're not smart enough.
  • Maybe they're having emotional meltdowns and you feel helpless to know how to support them.
  • Maybe they feel like they're all alone because they don't have any good friends.

There's always one more conversation after another.

So, who do you trust?

Wouldn't you like to be the most trusted person to have significant conversations with your children?

How do I know about this?

Hi, I'm Diana Bigham.

📌 I help make tough conversations with kids simple.

📌 I train parents to discipline like a pro so they raise confident kids with character (without yelling, bribing, or threatening punishments).

Founder of Unveiling Heirs
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Supervisor (Texas)
Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor
100x Certified Coach for Kingdom Entrepreneurs

I've been a child and family therapist for over 14 years and have worked with thousands of families throughout the years.

Many parents want to help their children but they don't feel confident in knowing what to say or how to help so they give them their next best step...bringing them into my office.

However, not all problems require therapy.

In fact, many parents can be supported to develop the skills to listen like a therapist and confidently communicate with their children.

Learn how you can champion your children's mental health and address common behavioral problems while having powerful, yet natural conversations.

It's my desire that you not only have the power to address the current problem, but address the future issues that will come.

In my parent coaching program, The Journey, I'm equipping parents to have difficult conversations with confidence so that:

  • You can have a great relationship with your children even if you didn't have this modeled in your own childhood.
  • Your children can grow up healthy (emotionally and socially), grounded in faith even if you are new to Christianity.
  • Your children are set up for a successful future without wasting time reading a bunch of child development books, listening to hours of parenting podcasts, or binge-watching re-runs of SuperNanny.
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What if we can stop your children from being a statistic?

The statistics you see are from the CDC for children's mental health.

In 2020, the US spent $238.4 billion dollars for mental health. The estimated amount spent for troubled youth is $12 billion.

According to the CDC, the evidence-based treatment preferred in children's mental health is one, or a combination of, the following:

  1. Parent training
  2. Child therapy
  3. Cognitive-behavior therapy (challenging and replacing negative thoughts)
  4. Family therapy
  5. Relationship therapy

Now, imagine if we roll this out as prevention and helped parents:

  • know how to talk with their children
  • how to relate in ways that support their development, and
  • do all of this with a biblical worldview and connecting kids to Jesus' living presence...

Don't wait until your children are suffering. Take action now and avoid the cost of needless pain.

It's time to take back our identity and purpose as children of God and live from a place of connection with the King and thrive in our calling.

Use our resources to embrace the fullness God has for you and your family.

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