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Raising a family with emotional & spiritual health shouldn't be a mystery.

Unveiling Heirs can help you in your Spirit-led journey.

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Dread the mornings during school?

Grumpy Kids + Morning Routines = Disaster.

Make this school year a success by preparing them now with a good routine. I'll show you how.

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Your search for practical Christian training in how to raise a Spirit-led family is over!

In just a few questions, we can identify what area to focus on as your next steps in raising kids with emotional health, spiritual wisdom, and relational maturity.

Oh, and we give you the step-by-step approach in our group monthly membership, The Journey to Unveiling Heirs.

Hi, I'm Diana Bigham.

📌 I make tough topic conversations with kids simple.

📌 I train parents to think like a therapist and discipline like a pro so you raise confident kids with character.

I've been a child and family therapist for over 14 years and have worked with thousands of families throughout the years.

Many parents want to help their children but they don't feel confident in knowing what to say or how to help so they do what resourceful parents do...they bring them into my office.

However, not all problems require therapy.

In fact, many parents can be supported to develop the skills to listen like a therapist and confidently communicate with their children.

Learn how you can champion your children's mental health and address common behavioral problems while having powerful, yet natural conversations.

It's my desire that you not only have the power to address the current problem, but address the future issues that will come.

In my group parent coaching membership, The Journey to Unveiling Heirs, I'm equipping parents to have difficult conversations with confidence so that:

  • You can have a great relationship with your children even if you didn't have this modeled in your own childhood.
  • Your children can grow up healthy (emotionally and socially), grounded in faith even if you are new to Christianity.
  • Your children are set up for a successful future without wasting time reading a bunch of child development books, listening to hours of parenting podcasts, or binge-watching re-runs of SuperNanny.
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