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Romans 8:19 (The Passion Translation)

The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!

Ladies, Are You Tired of Being the Spiritual Leader of Your Home?

Discover how you can be refreshed and get breakthrough.


5-Day Unveiling Heirs Workshop

Learn how to raise a Kingdom-minded family, without complicated concepts or confusing steps. Get live training with Diana Bigham on mentoring your family relationships.


Still Moments is now available on Amazon!

A perfect journaling tool to prompt you to engage in conversations with the Holy Spirit, Still Moments was created to be simple but effective to use as part of a person’s prayer or quiet time. More resources will be coming soon to organize quiet time in prayer as this is the first of four journals.

Order your copy now during promotional pricing.


Do You Need Help Teaching Your Kids About God?

Are you overwhelmed because current discipleship resources for the family are:

Primarily Made for Church Programs, But Limited for the Family

Did you know that Christian bookstores typically carry children's devotionals or large program materials for VBS in churches, but rarely, if at all, do they carry lesson plans for the family to teach children about spiritual growth and its application?

Lacking in Rich, In-Depth Teachings for Kids on Spiritually Growth and Soul Care

You want to get the most out of life for yourself and especially for your family. You don't want to settle in basic devotionals because you know your kids are destined for great things. Hoping to look past the mundane to find rich resources to equip your family in the characteristics of God, teaching and showing them the power of God and how relevant it is to know there is a spiritual world that impacts them.

Missing Genuine Mentorship for Personal Direction in Real-World Problems forEveryday Life

Maybe your child has specific struggles and you don't have anyone to ask to help you navigate that. Many parents buy books but don't know how to apply theory and concepts to their everyday life. They need support, advice, and encouragement.

Don't let the feelings of overwhelmed, unqualified or a fear of failure stop you.

Many parents know that it is their primary responsibility to teach their children about God in the home and that the work of a children's pastor is only supplemental, yet there are just limited resources out there for families.

😱DID YOU KNOW...There are not any kid-friendly resources to help parents teach their children basic soul care (which is taking care of their thoughts, feelings), AND spiritual health at home? 😱

Parents need resources for teaching children spiritual growth and how to take care of thoughts and feelings in a biblical way.

I've searched Christian stores to help my own children and all I have found were Vacation Bible School resources designed for churches, devotionals and some children's books.

Nothing exists for families to use at home outside of reading devotionals and not every child is interested in reading them.

A child's spiritual training and mental/emotional health are important.

If we want children grounded in God's word and emotionally resilient in a broken world, doing nothing is not an option...

Now, there's Unveiling Heirs.

Unveiling Heirs creates resources for the whole family to grow spiritually and develop healthy habits for soul care: the mind, will (choices we make), and emotions.

Teach Your Children About Their True Identity in Christ

Get family-friendly resources to raise your Kingdom-minded family.

Find Your Tribe

Be a part of an encouraging Spirit-filled community and build stronger foundations with practical, in-depth resources for your family.


What we offer:


Books & Journals

We create books and journals to reveal God's heart and intention for His people so that we better understand our identity and purposes.

Our parenting book, God, Help Me: Christ-Centered Solutions for the Frustrated Parent is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Our 1st of 4 prayer journals, Still Moments: A journaling experience for the heart is now on Amazon.



Online Resources

Discover great resources on how to care after you and your family...spirit, soul and body.

  1. "Kids CAN Hear God" Live Webinar
  2. "Introduction to the Supernatural Gifts" e-course
  3. "Truth in Action" Video Lesson
  4. "Raising Sweet Peace" Parenting Master Course


Private Sessions

  1. Consultation Appointments: Book a meeting with Diana to assess your family's needs and create a plan to build your Kingdom-minded family.
  2. Whole-Heart Prayer Sessions: Schedule a prayer session where the Holy Spirit guides you into greater capacity to love and to heal heart wounds.

"My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Truth in Action activity as did my 13 year old. They understood the teaching and the importance of it, thank you so much for creating these fun and very educational videos!!!"

Mom of 4

"The webinar is absolutely incredible! Highly recommend it! Great explanations of how God speaks. Diana gives clear explanations for all ages. The activity on hearing from God is powerful. You will love working with Diana. She is someone I felt comfortable working with from the moment I met her. She has such a huge heart and is so fun, she is an absolute joy!"

Teen, 17

"My daughter loved your video! She really caught on to saying "HMMMM" and "Ohhhh!" lol Thank you, I believe I was enlightened as well!"

Mom of 3


I am Diana Bigham behind Unveiling Heirs.

I am a family therapist from Texas and enjoy spending my time creating resources to equip Kingdom-minded families, especially for first-generation Christian homes.

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