End Tantrums Without Losing Your Mind...Or Crushing Your Child's Heart.

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Christian Mom, Do You Often Feel:

  • Confused with how to get your young children to express their feelings?
  • Overwhelmed with your child's tantrums?
  • Like you're constantly arguing about parenting methods with your spouse?
  • Filled with parental guilt and shame over losing your temper?

Then this message is for you. Here's why...

What if there is a way you can enjoy the toddler and preschool years...all while building your child's mental and emotional health?

Not dealing with tantrums the right way costs you and your child...

What most people do when facing the "terrible twos" is try mainstream parenting techniques like

  • Timeouts
  • Spankings with a wooden spoon
  • Sticker charts
  • Ignoring bad behavior

But for most people, none of these work in creating long term change because...

  • The primary problem is caused by other reasons...not getting the right amount of mental, social, rest or physical stimulation, and not understanding how to manage their emotions.
  • Timeouts, bribes, and sticker charts don't work for long term goals because they require external motivation in order for change to happen, and they assume your child throws a fit intentionally.
  • Most common parenting methods are bad for your child because they fail to address the underlying causes to emotional meltdowns...and leave your child thinking that there's something wrong with them and you with the guilt of feeling unsuccessful.
  • Even if you control their behaviors immediately, you may miss the chance to nurture their heart and hurt the parent-child relationship at the expense of needing to control their behaviors.
And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you've been doing?
You keep getting overwhelmed by tantrums and a fear that you are raising a spoiled, emotionally needy child, or... a child that is performance-driven and who stuffs emotions just to please others around them.
Maybe like me, you've tried everything out there...
After research and trial and error, I realized I could give effective commands, follow through with appropriate consequences without guilt or shame, and feel confident in the decisions I made as a mom that I was raising healthy children on a strong foundation.
Troubleshooting my children's tantrums was simplified and I could explain to my husband my strategies in a way that also made sense to him so that he could discipline the same way.
Suddenly, my children were talking about their feelings, owning when they were grumpy because they felt tired, and would apologize for tantrums without me having to prompt them!
The one thing I discovered was most surprising: I found most mainstream parenting advice to be unclear, unrealistic, and undermined the process of developing emotionally intelligent children while violating biblical principles in parenting.
So, I worked really hard to create a thorough approach for parenting through the toddler and preschool years which addresses all the reasons why children throw tantrums and the solutions for each issue on a biblically sound foundation without crushing your losing your mind or crushing your child's heart.
I began sharing these strategies with parents I saw in my practice, and they had the same experience as me!
I went from feeling clueless, to feeling confident...but what's really amazing is what happened for other moms...

"In just three days, my oldest is voicing her emotions to me and we're talking about how we handle them. I've learned so much...Diana, you're amazing at what you do and I know I will always be thankful for your help!"

Lara Castillo

"I loved loved loved the Raising Sweet Peace course. Diana gives great advice on specific issues we deal with as parents. For example: what to say to avoid a melt down, how to react (or not) during a melt down and the reasons for the melt down. All the while, teaching us self reflection and getting to the base of our own issues so that God can work in us and thru us."

Tessa Kale Culverhouse

"I participated in an online course with Diana and learned SO much. So grateful for these tools I can use in everyday life!"

Natassia Anderson

When you register, you will have immediate access to these tantrum-taming, relationship-building parenting secrets that will...

✔️Reduce or eliminate tantrums.
✔️End countless parenting arguments with your spouse.
✔️Stop parental guilt and shame over losing your temper.
✔️Have a healthier child that communicates thoughts and feelings.
✔️All while saving years of therapy from your child's life! 🤣🎉

Get Sweet Peace for Your Sweet Peas

6 Video Lessons

Learn what causes excessive tantrums, how to reduce or even eliminate them, increase your child's ability to communicate their feelings and create sweet peace in your home. (Valued at $497.)

6 Action Steps + Digital Workbook

Most of us need a visual action plan for accountability. You'll get a downloadable workbook for each major topic in this course with application assignments. (Valued at $47.)


5-Minute Fix to Reconnect You and Your Child (Video)

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5 Sleep Skills for a Good Night's Rest (PDF)

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All of this value of over $497, for only...$47

Emotionally Intelligent Children Are Not Born. They're Built.

Hello, I'm Diana

I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, and Mom to Two Children.

For over fourteen years as a family and relationship expert, I have helped hundreds of families eliminate excessive fits, increase their children's ability to communicate their feelings, strengthen the parent-child bond, and create sweet peace in the home.

With a private practice located in Texas, I specialize in developing practical strategies with individuals and families to create a more fulfilling life. I also incorporate simple and fun ways for children to grow their relationship with God.

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Let’s break it all down:

In this course we will be discussing what causes excessive tantrums, parental self-care, how to establish a routine that works, teaching emotional regulation, and how to effectively deal with defiance.

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6 Video Lessons

6 Action Steps

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Course Overview

LESSON 1 Peace of Mind: Setting the Right Frame of Mind

Learn the 3 mistakes parents make that undermine healthy coping skills in children.

LESSON 2 Fundamentals: Building Joy Strength

Discover how to build your child's emotional intelligence.

LESSON 3 Parental Self-Care

Examine the four main areas of well-being that we are responsible for maintaining.

LESSON 4 Structure: Creating a Routine That Works

Create a routine that works for your family and supports your child's healthy sleep and activity habits.

LESSON 5 Connection: Strengthening the Bond

Discover two factors that increase tantrums, plus how to address them while strengthening the parent-child relationship.

LESSON 6 Bringing Order to Chaos: Decoding & Diffusing Tantrums

Recap the reasons tantrums become excessive, how to reduce or eliminate them, and how to respond effectively.

Give Your Home Sweet Peace!

Questions about the course?

Q: Can I download the course?

A: No, however the course is available to stream online anywhere at any time.

Q: Will I get access to the course all at once or only in pieces?

A: You will instantly receive full access to the six lessons and a digital workbook.

Q: Is this course only good with toddlers and preschoolers? Can it be useful with elementary-aged children also?

A: This course is designed to teach foundational principles for parenting young children. However, these parenting principles work with children ages 1-7.

My hope is to reach children while they are young so they develop healthy coping skills at an early age. Give it a try and see for yourself just how perfect it fits for your children!

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